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By | May 11, 2017

dawn of titans

Dawn of Titans Hack grants you free Unlimited Gems, Portal Stones, Food and Gold to make sure you have the best titans in the world ! Get Dawn of Titans Hack Apk to get free Gems.


Dawn of Titans Hack iOS and Android will work on all type of smartphones which support those two operating systems.


Now You will become the best and the most powerful leader in the game with little to no effort.


This amazing new tool is created so it makes the game more fun than ever. It helps you increase your army by providing you with the food and gold needed to get the best archers, panthers, grenadiers or other troops you may wish for.


No more waiting for structures to build, you can skip all of that because you have unlimited gems.And because Dawn of Titans Hack apk also provides you with free unlimited portal stones you can play non-stop as you will always have enough to keep fighting and winning.


As you play the game more and more, you will notice you need those precious resources more than ever… farming them wouldn’t be a problem if the most important resource that could save yourself precious time is something that you have to pay real money for.


So Dawn of Titans hack no survey will make sure you keep that money for yourself and get some free gems with just a few taps and lots of fun.
dawn of titans hack

Dawn of Titans Hack Features

  • Gold- free unlimited gold
  • Gems- free unlimited gems, no real money needed anymore.
  • Grains – food for your hungry army
  • Warpstones – currency to fight, wonder who thought of that
  • Multiple OS compatible – you can play on ios device or android, it does not matter.
  • Safe Protection – to make sure your device is safe and protected so you can enjoy the game without being disturbed


How to use Dawn of Titans Hack tool

  1. Download the tool from the link below
  2. Install
  3. Check the operating system you have
  4. Hit Detect, and wait for it to detect your device
  5. Select your options – sky is the limit
  6. Hit Hack
  7. Go Back into the Game
  8. Enjoy

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Some Dawn of Titans Tips and tricks

Militia is just the basic unit in your army, as soon as you can , get rid of them

Use pikemen as tanks to soak up the damage

Use long range units. Grenadiers and Archers are my personal favorite, because they can fight long range and melee and as long as you have your pikemen in front of them, they are unstoppable

Upgrade your titan as soon as you can, it is your most important unit … it’s in the title of the game ddahh


About Dawn of Titans

A very addictive game with some of the best graphics you can possibly see on a mobile game. This game dwarfs many of these days pc games, so if you’re an avid mobile gamer you definetely should try this.


You start in on a island ruled by men, who have forgotten all about titans and fight each other for every part of the island. But now..the titans have returned.

Use them to win the war, reclaim your island and become the most powerful of them all.


If you wish to see more about the game just visit Dawn of Titans on the playstore.

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