I am?

Tyler Bolton


Hola compañero de web, i’m kidding, I’m of Spanish origin, but I prefer to speak and write in English of course.

Discover my life, my choices, my passions, my favorite quotes and the philosopher and influence of the web that I appreciate.



“You’re going to think I’m self-centered with twice the image of my face YES I know I love myself “HUMOUR”

Here we go.

It’s not easy to analyze yourself to say more on a page THAT I AM. I am English of Spanish origin, I started the web in 2008 or I started in IT security, then I worked as an SEO and SMO consultant in an agency, I wanted to learn the basics to have my site on Google.

In life I have a wife I love and a two-year-old BB, I’ve been living in London for almost 10 years

Every year, I go with my family to Spain, more precisely to the Spanish Basque country, a magnificent region with character. I speak Spanish and English so I’m fine.